Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Luwak Coffee Roasted Beans

Civet coffee is coffee that has been selected and eaten by the mongoose (Paradoxorus hermaproditus) or also known as badgers, weasels and Rase in some areas. Civet coffee to choose fruit that has an optimum level of maturity based on taste and smell and eat it by peeling the outer skin with his mouth, then swallowing mucus and seeds.
Coffee beans are still wrapped in the hard cuticle (skin horn / parchment) is not destroyed in the digestive system, digestive mongoose mongoose because simple so that when out with the feces of coffee beans is still intact leather wrapped horn
When the seeds are in the digestive system mongoose, occurs naturally during the fermentation process of approximately 10 hours. Prof. Massiomo Marcone from Guelpg University, Canada, said fermentation in the digestive mongoose is to improve the quality of coffee because besides Barada at optimal fermentation temperature of 24-260 Celsius was also aided by enzymes and bacteria that exist in the digestive mongoose. Civet coffee protein content is lower than regular coffee because reshuffle more optimal protein through fermentation. These proteins act as building blocks the bitter taste of coffee when roasted so that the mongoose is not as bitter coffee regular coffee because of low protein content. The evaporated components were different between civet coffee and regular coffee. Proven Luwak coffee aroma and flavor is very distinctive. The process of fermentation by mongoose is not uncommon to make some people reluctant to consume them in disgust or fear. Yet according to Massimo, the content of bacteria in civet coffee that has been roasted coffee with a lower than normal processes.

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